February 5, 2013

The Story Behind Eye Shadow Palette

Assalamualaikum. First thing come across into your mind is what is going to be my story,right? It's normal question, right?(Berapa banyak right daaa). Let me begin my story. Can I? Hahaha. Just kidding. Of course I can, this is my blog. As you all know that I went to an orientation day made by my practical hotel, SUNWAY HOTEL SEBERANG JAYA. It was a two days orientation that all of us has attended.

One of the session was introducing about yourself. Normal right? BUT in this session we need to explain it with 1 picture that we draw it by our-self and two words about us. So, after I think think and rethink about it, I got an idea. It was like this....

The worst drawing I think
I am not an artist

After I think it again...
Eh, she want only one picture,right?
At last, there is only one thing that across in my mind
That was

The two words was
1. Responsible
2. Colourful

The detail explanation about what I have choose was I am a responsible person that need to take care about that eye shadow palette because it is an easily broken material. Conclusion about this is that I am a responsible person in all other things also.

For colourful, I want my life to be colourful because I have a happy life, sad story, love, friends, works and so many things. Life should be colourful and not just one colour that will make us feel useless in this world.

That's all my fellow friends
Thank you for visiting
Enjoy your life!!!


  1. Salam fienaz, cemana nak buat yang facebook and twitter kat sebelah kanan blog ni? thank you darling. :)

    1. Wasalam rian, fienaz tengok dekat shabby kot dulu...Lama dah...Lupa...Hehehe

  2. ooo...apa ada dgn ayeshadow yer... :) yg pasti wane wani eyeshadow mmg cantik... :D

    1. macam yang fienaz cakap kat atas tu ler sayang