September 12, 2012

Hello Semester 3!

Assalamualaikum. First of all, I want you to know that this entry might be a long written story. It is up to you either you want to continue reading or just leave my blog. By the way, after long time I did not update my blog now I'm here because I love to share my story with all my dear readers. Eh, thank you for being my readers or even my followers. I appreciate it. My blog usually a ROJAK bahasa because I want to improve my English. Sorry for that.

My semester 3 was started on 10/9/12 . Actually, I had took the time table from the portal but I just want to double check with the time table at the faculty either it is the same or not. Unfortunately, when we (I and my friends) arrived at the faculty there was no time table yet. So, we just go to the class according to the time table that I had took in the portal.


After 45min we wait for the lecturer to come and finally, I got a call from the lecturer Dr.Azila. "Syafinaz ke nie". 'Ye,saya syafinaz.' "Syafinaz, saya Dr.Azila. Saya tak dapat masuk kelas hari nie. Awak amblik kedatangan dan datang jumpa saya sekarang." 'Owh, okay Dr.' After met her, I got a thick notes that need to fotocopy for the whole class.

The next day, 11/9/12. The first class was still our Cost Control's lecturer last semester and he want me to be the CLASS REP this semester. So, I was given a soft copy of notes that need to print and fotocopy for the whole class also. Also quite a thick notes after I print it just now.

The second class was BEL class. After the lecturer told about the course outline and so on, he said "Can I have the class rep?". Then, the class became silent including me that became a rock there. Then, the lecturer come to me. "People is pointing you". 'Hah? Me?(Dalam hati : Hadoi budak-budak nie kan).' Then, he said " I won't disturb you or eat you. Don't worry." After heard that, I laugh. I said 'Okay".


It must be a tough semester for me with those killer subjects and being a class rep!

Berikanlah aku kekuatan dalam menghadapi segala cabaran dan dugaan yang Engkau berikan.

Disebabkan nanti kami akan sibuk
Jadi kami berjalan-jalan la dahulu.
Thank you for reading.