April 22, 2012

Don't Be Sad

Tajuk macam buku Don't Be Sad tu ja kan?
Whatever... Sudah sudah. Be serious!

Selalu tak korang macam nie? Fie selalu juga macam nie. Tapi tabahkan hati la.
Kenapa? Sebab macam-macam perkara. But take it positive. Life must be go on, right?

1. If she/he does not reply your message or even your call. Think that they were busy with their work but they are not forget about us. Just think like that.

2. We feel that they does not like to be with us. Don't even think like that! Think positive my dear. They were busy with other thing that important than us.

3. You miss them. You send a message to them but there were no reply from them. Just think that they are out of credit to reply your message. Maybe after they has top up they will reply back but if not they maybe forget about your message. Don't be sad. People are not same like us.

4. They are some people take their Boyfriend as number 1 and friends number 2 and some maybe not. But whatever it is, if they like to friends with us they will never forget us, right?

*Just share whatever come towards my mind.


  1. erk...google translate help me!!!

  2. good entry..be positive right..that will remove our sadness...^.^

  3. thank you my dear...(^_^)
    It's true...

  4. Nice entry!!
    Biasanya memang macam tulah. Kena fikir yang positif, kalau asyik nak negatif camne nak tahankan hubungan kan? Hehe

  5. suka entry ni.. ara pun slalu alami ni.. hehe

  6. wah nice entry. notec ! always think psitve ;) barulah hubungan kekal kan ^^

  7. Ara : thank you...sama la kita kan...

    Najiha : Yup! Thats true...

  8. setuju *sambil lompat-lompat kat dpn pc* hehe ♥

  9. ahaks...apela huda nie...(meh nk cubit pipi)